The Small Positives of the COVID19 Government Interventions

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News Story Source:, Dario
It's obvious that COVID19 hysteria has consumed the USA and world, providing a ripe environment for statist action to curb individual freedom. During this time I think it's incredibly important we take the opportunity, right now, to point out whenever possible the slivers of freedom that have emerged during the current mania. My hope is we can create a groundswell of support (and if we're lucky cognitive dissonance in a lot of minds) that many regulations are unnecessary (e-mail example below of rolling back regulatory burdens on booze); and tangibly demonstrate that government is a roadblock to innovation (FDA regs that slow down development of treatments, etc.).  Something as simple as pointing out the world didn't end when the Alcohol Bureaucracy didn't control who could sell a drink to someone in their car.

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