The Rest of the Story about S. Korea and the Coronavirus

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
Dear Thinker:

At first blush, it sure looks as if authoritarian governments (e.g., China), or former authoritarian ones (e.g., S. Korea), or former benevolent/authoritarian ones (e.g., Singapore) were able to flattened the coronavirus curve faster than Western governments.

It no doubt helps that their citizens are more obedient and less individualistic than Americans, due to their "rice" culture of working collectively and their Eastern religions of accepting what fate has dealt them.

You've probably learned from America's herd media that S. Korea controlled the spread of the coronavirus by quickly imposing quarantines, keeping tabs on the whereabouts of citizens, and rapidly releasing inventories of test kits, masks and gloves.  But you may not have heard about the corruption in S. Korea, where, as the book review below my signature details, more than half of the country's largest corporate groups are led by convicted criminals, includin
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