The Religion of Jesus PART 3: Are People Ready for This?

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
Continuing from Part 2.

The separation between the religion of Jesus and the religion about Jesus is not only huge, but has continued over many centuries. And that means that there are reasons for this separation.

As we'll note momentarily, Jesus was a terribly advanced person, and other people simply weren't ready to act as he acted. It has been easier to follow a religion about Jesus than it has been to follow Jesus directly. More than that, those who start by following Jesus directly are usually pulled into a religion about Jesus quickly enough.

I'm not saying these things have been done with malice in the majority of cases, because I don't believe they have. But they have happened all the same.

So, are people now ready to move from a religion merely about Jesus, to the religion that he practiced? Are they able to do that? Because if they aren't able, bringing up such a thing, publicly, would be an act of cruelty. It would be like ripping off their co
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