The Reformation Begins?

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News Story Source: Eric Peters Autos
It took a few hundred years for the volk to tire sufficiently of the corruption of the Catholic Church – political popes and cash-for-indulgences (i.e., hand over some money and all your sins are forgiven).

A latter-day Reformation may be under way.

It's not yet widespread, but palpable signs of not-gonna-take-it-anymore are cropping up almost as quickly as the corporate media can memory hole the incidents. The Twitter clip of a woman refusing to genuflect before the wearers of the Holy Rag has been viewed by millions with a disproportionate majority commenting favorably.

The clip of the desperate restaurant owner in CA, who used his truck to prevent a Gesundheitsleiter from leaving after he handed out fines to the owner for the crime of trying to earn an honest living.

And now, this one.

A woman just trying to pay for gas was assaulted by an armed government worker for not wearing the Holy Rag – and fought back, successfully.

She beat the crap
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