The Prodigal Witch

 Tales from born again devil worshipers, Illuminati agents, and witches

Part I: Doreen Irvine, the original “Witch Who Switched”
Part II: Mike Warnke
Mike Warnke Part I: Mike Warnke’s Story
Mike Warnke Part II: The Real Story
Part III: John Todd
John Todd Part I
John Todd Part II
John Todd Addendum: Was Raymond Buckland an archaeology professor?
Part IV: Other “Former Witches” of the ’70s (Hershel Smith and David Hanson)
Part V: Irene Park, another “Witch Who Switched”
Part VI: Tom Sanguinet
Part VII: Bill Schnoebelen
Part VIII: “Elaine” and Dr. Rebecca Brown
A Thumbnail Sketch of Johanna Michaelsen
Part IX: Lauren Stratford
Part X: Derry Mainwaring Knight
Part XI: Audrey Harper
Other “Former Satanists” of the ’80s (Ken McBride and Jerry Reider)
Part XII: Doc Marquis
Part XIII: Eric Pryor
Part XIV: Linda Blood
Part XV: Stephen Dollins
Part XVI: Illuminati Slaves
 I. Cisco Wheeler
 II. Arizona Wilder
Part XVII: More Illuminati Defectors (Leo Zagami and “Svali”)
Part XVIII: Today’s Former Satanists (Jeff Harshbarger and Betty Brennan)

Coming Soon (after Chemtrail Week):  

Former Satanists and Reformed Witches in Africa
Halloween: Facts vs. Factoids

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