The Problems Biden-Harris and Congress Won’t Solve In 2021

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
We elect our presidents and Congresses to fix, repair and solve our national problems.  As we enter 2021, however, we will discover that they won't solve any of our major problems in the next 52 weeks.  Why is that?  Answer: they didn't solve those problems in the past 52 weeks.

What problems need fixing, but won't get fixed?

First off, we've been at war in Iraq and Afghanistan for 20 years at $6 trillion in spending.  We've accomplished nothing to secure our freedoms or ensure our safety.  Both countries remain 'goat herder' third world nightmares with no foundation for any kind of civil or 21st century advanced societies.  Yet, the new president and Congress will continue spending something like $4 billion every 30 days to keep those 'forever wars'…forever.  Note that since those two wars started in 2001, 114,000 active duty and retired military veterans committed suicide.  In other
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