The Problem With Problem Sharks

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News Story Source: DNYUZ
The war on sharks has been waged with shock and awe at times. When a shark bit or killed a swimmer, people within the past century might take out hundreds of the marine predators to quell the panic, like executing everyone in a police lineup in order to ensure justice was dispensed on the guilty party.

Eric Clua, a professor of marine biology at the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris, said the rationale behind shark culls in the past was simple: fewer sharks, fewer attacks. That reasoning also drives methods such as shark nets and baited hooks, which are currently in use at a number of Australian and South African beaches that are frequently visited by sharks. Nature, he notes, pays too great a price.

"They are killing sharks that are guilty of nothing," said Dr. Clua, who studies the ocean predators up close in the South Pacific.

Dr. Clua said he has found a way to make precision strikes on sharks that have attacked people through a fo
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