The Overt and Covert Intimidation of Brandy Vaughan

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News Story Source: Bitchute – TruthVideos1984

Brandy Vaughan was MURDERED by Big Pharma. She foresaw this and put plans in place.

We are at war with evil. We MUST continue her fight.

Brandy, you were a brave and wonderful human being. Thank you for your immense courage in revealing the truth and standing up to these criminals.

Please help spread this video far and wide.

[NOTE: On Dec. 8th, Brandy Vaughan ( (YT censored the original), the founder of "Learn The Risk (," was found dead by her son.  She made a facebook post indicating that she was aware of people that might try to kill her.  It seems that the pro-vaxxers have become desperate enough to start killing people.  This information should become common knowledge.  Please share.]

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