The Ongoing Displacement of Americans Out of Their Own Country

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge

According to the prestigious Pew Research Center, the new 51 percent majority ethnic group in America by 2042: Hispanics-Latinos-Mexicans.  (

Today in America, our U.S. Congress imported 45 million people born in other countries.  Additionally, our Congress allowed 23 to 25 million illegal aliens to cross our borders and now inhabit all 50 states.  Additionally, our Congress allows 300,000 pregnant illegal alien women to birth their babies once they violate our borders to become "anchor babies" with all the privileges of citizenship. (Source: Yale Report on Illegal Immigration, Oct 2018)

In 1965, European-Americans who designed the U.S. Constitution and created the most successful civilization on this planet—enjoyed 90 percent population dominance.  Black Americans held 7 percent and Hispanics enjoyed 3 percent.  Additionally, at current immigration and birthrates, Muslims will become a dominant force
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