The Non-Violence Torrent – Disrupting the 3D-printed gun market?

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"The Non-Violence Torrent" is an initiative that, according to themselves, aims to disrupt the 3D-printed gun market. They plan to do this by flooding popular file sharing sites with fake gun CAD files and torrents. Instead of the CAD file, your download will contain a 3D render of the Non-Violence's symbol – the knotted gun.

Quote: "So when people are on the verge of printing a deadly weapon, they will meet a peaceful message instead."

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The "knotted gun" was originally created as a memorial tribute to the singer and songwriter John Lennon. (Source) The original can be found outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, USA.

Above you can see a sample of The Non-Violence Torrent CAD file. I think anyone who finds this file instead of what he was expecting to download, will notice that this is probably not the correct one.

You can check the Vimeo Video here, and
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