The Night I Saved Chris Brown’s Soul from Rihanna. (Illuminati Happenings in West Hollywood)

Rihanna & Chris Brown Exposed! (How to Exorcise the Rihanna Demon from One’s Soul)
(Latest Update 10-16-2012 from Rihanna’s Vogue Interview on Chris Brown) Rihanna told Vogue Magazine “The World Can Not See What I See.”
Chris Brown and Rihanna cosy up at party… but leave in separate cars
  Update 10/14/2012

Rihanna to go public with Chris Brown Romance after her CD is dropped!(I figured. CHRIS BROWN AINT NEVER STOPPED TALKING TO THIS DEMON GIRL. The most that Chris Brown has gone without talking to Rihanna has been 3 months, over all these years. They have NEVER been out of a relationship. Rihanna will NEVER let him go!)
Rihanna’s New Song to Queen Elizabeth. The Song is called Diamonds and it was written by Rihanna for Queen Elizabeth’s Demonic Diamond Jubilee Ceremony.  One will notice the Caribbean, Occult Chant being uttered by Rihanna in this new track. (Rihanna’s Diamond Song)
Webpage for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee
Dear Chris Brown,
Seeing how you have once again fallen to Rihanna’s Demonic Temptations, I do not wish to hear, see nor speak to you for at least a good six months.  I only have one thing to say to you Mr. Brown……Matthew 10:16  Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents.
Chris Brown says that he loves Rihanna
There is back story on Chris Brown and Rihanna.  I would say that after Rihanna attempted to stage the murder of Chris Brown in Hancock Park (An Area Directly Below Hollywood) before she became possessed, enraged and beat herself up; Rihanna has refused to let Chris Brown out of her clutches.
 The Trouble with Chris Brown
Even when Chris Brown was in a Virginia State Jail, Rihanna was harassing his parents.
After Chris Brown got released and took a place in West Hollywood, Rihanna started making death threats and actually became more heavily involved in the Illuminati at this time.
After Rihanna’s 5th degree Illuminati Initiation, which is actually higher than both Jay-Z and Beyonce, she got the power of possession & became big headed….drunk with Lucifer’s wine. All of her human-ness was castrated out of her soul.  The girl is evil.
What is the Illuminati Ritual for a living human to posses another living human?  It is a very guarded secret by the Illuminati but I can tell you that it involves the invoking of demons, to act as an aid in the training of Out of Body Travel, that enables one to “at-will” rip their soul away from its fleshy house.
This Illuminati Ritual can only take place between April and September because anything after September and before April is considered the “dead zone” by the Illuminati meaning that one’s energy can not be controlled due to the Sun being further away from the Earth around these months and of course in the lower Hemisphere of the Earth, this ritual time frame is reversed.
Now there are only about 30 black people that live in West Hollywood and after Rihanna stated up her demonic attacks on Chris Brown he was waking up with screaming fits and even had cases of levitation.  In fact, Chris Brown was actually about to be dragged to court by his neighbors for disturbing the peace, when in reality his problems were all due to his involvement with Rihanna.
Since Chris Brown is back seeing Rihanna, which he never really stopped even after I warned him about that girl, I feel that our confidentiality agreement is null & void.
  (Chris Brown took this tat because he knew that the world blamed him for Rihanna beating herself up, due to her demonic fits of rage & possession, and I am happy that he is working through his issues. Rihanna has turned the entire world against him, so that she may have him all to herself.)
I had to go to Chris Brown’s place, when he was still living in West Hollywood and down the block from me, on about five occasions to aid him with exorcising Rihanna.
Anyone that follows Chris Brown and Rihanna you will see that Rihanna is and has always been the aggressor in that cluster fuck of drama, which they call a relationship. Rihanna has always said, “If I cant have Chris Brown then no one can have him” and in public she has always harassed the model girl (Karrueche) that Chris Brown was dating. 
  • Just like a demon, which possesses a home and attacks a teen-age child, tries to isolate their human target; so does Rihanna attempt to isolate Chris Brown.  Rihanna moves like a demon moves.
 Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran
Anyone that follows Rihanna on twitter, which I do not, can clearly see that Rihanna was enraged when Chris Brown started dating other women.
  • When ever you have an occult trained witch like Rihanna wrapped up in that much jealously, anger and rage at a person, the victim of the occult trained witch will fall victim to bad luck and possession…maybe even death.
  1. The reason why husbands and wives should never go to bed angry at one another is because at night, while they sleep, it is possible for the soul, still angry from the events earlier, to travel out of the body and induce psychic or even physical harm onto their spouse. 
  1. So, if an untrained person can inflict physical harm onto a spouse simply from going to bed upset, what in the hell can an Illuminati Trained Witch like Rihanna do?  This bitch does damage!
One night Rihanna even levitated Chris Brown off of his bed via her possession techniques.  I was over at Chris Brown’s home because he had issues with sleeping for months and he suspected that it was either Rhianna, Jay Z or the CIA sending someone into his home to drug him up.
It was so fucking freaky in April of 2012, to see this dude levitating like a Beyonce Video and then seeing his eyes take on the shade & form of Rihanna’s Eyes, which are demon like and yell, ” I LOVE RIHANNA!” “I LOVE RIHANNA!” “HER PUSSY IS SO GOOD AND JUCIY!” I mean it was a fucking mess.  I never seen shit like that in my life.
I quickly used a Santeria Cuban/Puerto Rican technique of exorcism which involved the placing of a jar of water onto his head and commanding the unclean demon aka Rihanna out of his body. 
Why did I use water? Because according to Latino-Indian (tradition of Cubans and Puerto Ricans before Spain and Africans arrived) and even Native American Culture, the unclean spirit or demon can not travel or break free of water.
  • If a person ever has demonic issues with a Ouija Board, the first thing that I advise the person to do; would be to place the Ouija Board into a pool or bucket of water, because it will trap the spirit which is attached to the Ouija Board.  Water can trap demonic energy and contain it, which is why people around Hollywood always call upon “The Rain Man”.

Rihanna has said, “ I want to chop off Chris’ Legs, so that he will be in a wheel chair and I can keep him in a room inside of my home, so that way he only has me to depend on.”

I told Chris Brown to leave this demonic girl alone because being a black man from The Southern US, as we both are, it is very difficult to be anywhere in the U.S. and having to live a public life but being that he is of a certain demographic, Rihanna could easily have the Hollywood PD aka Illuminati Hit Men for Hire, kill him as her sacrifice and the public would simply say, “he had it coming.”  Chris Brown was in a very dangerous position.
"Chris Brown"
But Chris Brown doesn’t listen because Rihanna got him with that Illuminati Pussy.  I also recall telling Chris Brown to get rid of his dogs because of the whole Michael Vick Madness but he didn’t listen to that either and as a result, Chris Brown was basically run out of West Hollywood.
Now after Chris Brown moved from West Hollywood, Rihanna had not been to NYC in a minute.  But once she found out that Chris Brown was in NYC, Rihanna waited for Beyonce and Jay-Z to travel into France and leave NYC because Beyonce & Rihanna got bad blood, even though they both drink blood. 
Once Rihanna saw that Beyonce was no longer in NYC, Rihanna went to NYC and from what I understand, she was walking around and looking for Chris Brown. Some reports say that Rihanna simply looked like she was in a daze but she isn’t really in a daze and looked like that because she was talking to her demon guides and trying to zero in on Chris Brown.
What happened once Rihanna got to NYC?  Chris Brown and Drake got in the bar fight, bottles were hitting people and the bar was closed down.  Rihanna brings bullshit every where that she goes.
The thing that gets me; was the fact that Rihanna not only slept with Drake and Chris Brown but she even slept with them AT THE SAME TIME.  Three-somes and gang-bangs was going on with those three.  Drake tries to play himself off but Rihanna got him trapped also.
Drake can make what ever comments that he wants to make during award shows, but I know what Drake does with Lil Wayne and Rihanna.
So, Rihanna already knows that she is high up in the Illuminati.  She got the Occult Isis Tattoo and she even got a Falcon carrying a gun tattoo.  Those tats, which Rihnna now has on her body, are significant and she only gets them to intimidate people that know about the Illuminati.
Rihanna’s Video (Where Have You Been) where she poses like the Hindu Demon Goddess with many arms
  • In the video Where Have You Been, Rihanna is basically confessing to being a demonic stalker and predator.  We see everything from her portraying herself as a water serpent, to forming an Illuminati “All Seeing” Eye via dance moves and then she transforms into a Hindu Pagan goddess.  The girl is nuts!  I fail to understand how anyone can look at Rihanna and deny the Illuminati’s Influence in art, music, Hollywood & government.

Note: President of the United States, Barry (Barrak) Sotero (Obama) carries a Hindu Pagan “Monkey God” Occult Charm & wears a Freemason Ring

Having that Falcon Tat with the gun simply means that she can have a person killed and she gets the energy aka #1 hit records or fame, by feeding off of the person’s energy.
Rihanna can make mid night booty calls to Ashton Kutcher’s crib (Pre-Mila Days) but if Chris Brown sees another girl, then she starts up with her craziness.
This is why I do not like Rihanna.  Rihanna has even threatened me, but she never threatens law suits, instead she threatens with black magick.  She had the nerve to tell me that I was a bad influence on Chris Brown when he was living in West Hollywood because I tried to keep her ass away.  I told her that I knew how to make “spirit bottles” and I could catch her demon soul one night and bury her at Malibu Beach.  This is exactly how you get the legends about Genies in a Bottle.
When you are dealing with the Rihanna Entity, you have no choice but to fight this girl via spiritual means.
Do not be surprised if Chris Brown ends up dead…it could happen.  I may be right back on here discussing yet another Illuminati Blood Sacrifice.
Aleister Crowley and Satan
 Columbia Pictures was founded
Columbia University - School
the District of Columbia(Washington D.C. aka District of Columbia)
to Columbia Broadcasting(Columbia Broadcast System)
Columbia Records two-sided
What is the Illuminati?
Satanic Pentagram. by

We have CBS aka Columbia Broadcast System which basically dictates how news is reported on all of the news and tv shows.
You have Columbia Films/Pictures which basically dictates on what films will get made in Hollywood.
You have Columbia University in NYC, which is the location where the Illuminati creates such lovely programs like HIV/Cancer population control and even coordinates the distribution of new viruses around the world and last but not least we have Washington DC aka District of Columbia which has about 2000 people that rule over this entire country of 350 Million & then they will rule the world of 7 Billion.
So, you go and figure it out. Just replace the word “Columbia” with “Illuminati” and you will see just how much sense this site really makes as it pertains to your life.

The Illuminati is nothing more than a cluster of “hidden in plain sight” world/media/medical/academia/government/religious systems that concentrates power into the hands of a few, which will rule over the many.  Within this Illuminati system is a common occult religion that views Lucifer as “God” and it is this religion/media/Hollywood aspect of Lucifer’s Illuminati that I try to explain.


 United Nations recruits college students to carry out population control and population reduction agendas (Now keep in mind that the UN is the same agency that pushes for the flooding of the U.S. with 15-25 million illegal aliens each decade & each of these illegal aliens have 4 kids on average, so when does population control simply becomes senseless murder?  The former head of BP (British Petro), Sutton, calls for flooding countries with illegal aliens and BP has the largest carbon footprint, only second to Shell, so why are they members of these UN environmental “protection” groups? Hmmmm.  Yeah, these people are bullshit.)

Nigerian Farmers sue Dutch “Royal” Shell Oil over pollution and damages to farm land (Ya know the Oil Company owned by 100 year old man, Rockefeller, that’s spraying the Arctic to heat up the Ice Sheet & the oil company which Obama handed a permit to drill in the Arctic)   (Video Report of Dutch Royal Shell and their fake little trial at The Hague)

 Iraq wants Exxon to get the fuck out of the country (Exxon is instigating Civil War in Iraq to gain oil deals)

Iraq’s New Born Babies Suffer Birth Defects due to pollution from British & U.S. Military Weapons (Notice that we never see this type of thing happening in Northern Europe by the Dutch Nazis)

New Oil Sheen from B.P. Oil Disaster (permit handed out by Obama Admin.) still polluting the Gulf off of La., over a year after Obama, BP, EPA, M.M.S., NY Times, CNN declared that the oil spill didnt really happen & that the oil sheen wasnt real

Russian Billionaires (the same ones that run Israel) to sell its stake in BP, in a shady deal, that will allow B.P. to Drill in the Arctic

Anglo-Canada Mass Murders Native American Children (Mass Graves found behind schools)

British TV Host was given rooms in Children’s Hospitals where he was allowed to abuse kids (The Brits are ALL pedophiles along with the UN. Nearly 100% of all Non-Profits in Africa & Latin America staffed by Brits or UN people are fronts for child molestation rings)

for the Scout Excecutive?with Oregon highlightedBoy Scouts of Oregon molested little boys for decades and the abuse was covered up by Police, DA’s and local officials

U.S. Government and Obama Admin downplayed the damages of the BP Gulf Oil Disaster (Dead Whales)

United Nations, U.S., U.K., E.U. and Dutch Nazis are ethnic cleansing Christians in Syria (They are also ethnic cleansing blacks in Libya, Mali, Somalia, Ethiopia and do not forget the white Hollywood campaign of killing blacks in Uganda under the guise of some mythical Kony 2012 ghost, so that Western Oil & Mining Corps can steal land)

( Why Miley? Why!!!??? Who told her that she looks good?)


 Madonna makes fun of Barry Meyer, Warner Bros, Dark Knight Ritual Sacrifice Victims by aiming a gun at a Denver Crowd while on tour

French Politican, Florence Lamblin, for the “green” party busted for drug dealing and money laundering between Europe & Africa.

NY Times Public Editor PushesThe fraud propaganda rag, New York Times, now admits that it published a fake study by Stanford University, which claimed that Organic Food wasn’t any more healthy than non-organic, GMO, processed corporate food

FBI arrests NYPD cop that wanted to kidnap and cook women for Satanic Rituals

Bill MaherTime Warner-HBO’s Bill Maher & Obama Supporter wants to promote a Cult of Death for population control ( Keep in mind that HBO & Bill Maher are nothing more than corporate welfare cases, being that he was paid with tax payer funded “stimulus” money from the Wall St Bail-Outs (along with lots of other white people in the media) after Obama took office. Bill Maher also was paid to push for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens in 2009-2010 and now this jack ass actually has the nerve to say kill people with “death row” & abortions due to over crowding? If you really want to solve over-population in the US, then there is NO WAY THAT YOU CAN SUPPORT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION INTO THE U.S., which is a “cheap labor scam” by Wall St. & the UN.)

BrazilBrazil to protect land of indigenous farmers and to stop the invasions of buck-tooth American Exploiters of Latin American Land

The Nazi Corporate Gov of Brazil driving famers to suicide over land theft

country of Mali.Europe and U.S. attempting to invade Mali,Africa in order to loot the wealth & land AFTER the U.S., UN, Northern Europe and UK armed Islamist in Libya to help BP get oil deals

United States Involved in State-Sponsored Child Abuse by jailing children & putting them in solidary confinement

Detailed Map of Québec, CanadaQuebec to make French the official language (Bon Por Vous)

Halle Berry with her newest “boy toy” as her brave “baby daddy” takes their child on a pony ride. (Look, Halley Berry just needs to pay her baby-daddy 90% of her income. Look at how good her baby daddy is to the child, while Halle does wordly things because she is a worldly woman. A jizabel Spirit!)

 (Nassif’s crazy wife, has now gotten her personal chef to hit her & then released the photos online to blame Paul Nassif! This bitch is and has always been crazy! I told y’all that these women beat themselves up! They do it all the time.)

Sinister #1 at Box Office (10-13-2012)  (This is because Ethan Hawke is demon spawn. Ethan Hawke doesnt even know how to manage the simplest of talking points to promote a film. He was supposed to be promoting this film & yet he was going around talking about another film that he is in, so he knocked a couple of million off of this film’s profit.)  (Dead Line)

Dinesh D’Souza has left his post as President of Kings College over a sex scandel (Obama is nothing but a token for the exact same people who Dinesh D’Souza works for….the British! This docu wasnt anything other than the British & Zionist trying to label Obama a “black militant” in an effort to hide Obama’s tokenism.)

Ari Emanuel, Obama’s Brother-in-law, sues someone yet again! (How many law suits has Ari had this year? Like 17?)

 Victims of the Warner Bros, Barry Meyer, Dark Knight Ritual in Colorado sue Movie Theater (If Barry Meyer, The Con Artist, really did make a HUGE donation to the victims; then why isnt anyone getting any money from this HUGE donation that was made to charity?  Oh I forgot, cuz Barry Meyer is a con artist.)

images of Heaven.Life After Death does exists says top brain surgeon via @Telegraph

Zombie GirlBrain Eating Illuminati Virus (turns people into zombies) released in Pakistan. (These secret viral warfare programs are mostly coordinated by Columbia University)

Ciara wallpapers | CiaraCiara’s Sorry Track is a rip off of Ginuwine’s My Whole Life Has Changed Track

 Mila Takes Ashton out for a walk (Look at how close her hand is to his cock. She gonna get some of that tonight.)

 Goldie Hawn walking around L.A. after a work out with no make up (Dam! Really? Is this the new feminism? She just looked in the mirror and said “Fuck it!” & then went outside. I suggest that Goldie Hawn buys Suzanne Summers book or go see Dr. Paul Nassif, cuz this has to be terrorism.)

 (Selina Gomez, I have no idea what this girl does for a living except date Justin Beiber, walking around Steven Speilberg’s Illuminati Medical Center.  She needs to lose some weight in her neck & face)

Nicki Minaj Reveals Date and Cover Art for ‘Re-Up’ Album

With Ryan and the fact that heRyan Reynolds and Jon Favreau, two of my favorite actors, doing  new film project.

They Are Giving Dane Cook HisComcast-NBC-UNI (the media corp that is funded by US Tax payer’s stimulus money) Pulls Plug on Dane Cook’s Sitcom before it airs (Well that sucks! I like Dane Cook. I may never watch tv again. Tv is nothing but political propaganda or dumb British Reality TV Talent Shows. Hollywood has gotten so dumb.)   (Deadline)

 Shai LaBeouf’s European Porn Film, Nymphomaniac, is now cast (oops! Did I say porn film? I’m sorry Shai. I meant to say, ”Artistic Highly Tasteful Cinema.” Cuz I dont want your Asian GF to beat you up again while you are in your house shorts.)

 (Eddie Murphy got him a snow bunny y’all!)

 (Carlton Banks marries a white girl)

Image of Jude Law Does (Actor Jude Law BUSTED with his Muslim Boyfriend) Note: The British Media is waaayyyyy harder on American Actors than what they are on trifilin Brits.

 (Britney Spears New Home. Over 8 Million Dollars!)

 (I would like to know what Honey Boo Boo thinks about the elections and who they will vote for?  Ya know, get the views of these white American role models, in the same manner the media pretends that Jay Z and Snoop Dog represent black people)

Update: Honey Boo Boo, this great white American role model, endorses President Obama

 (What the fuck did Miley Cyrus do to her hair on that tv set?)

The irrelevant, Zionist-British Nazi Hollywood, not only has that idiot Israeli propaganda drama, Home Land, on Show Time but now we see yet another retard show on the Travel Channel, which does propaganda on behalf of T.S.A. (These losers in Hollywood need to get a life because they have no creativity. Televison is nothing but dumb propaganda.)

A Pussy-Whipped, Ashton Kutcher, has suddenly disappeared from off of the circuit & is only seen here & there with Milla bossing him around & acting like his personal manger

 (Speaks for itself)

Tonight, CBS aired a 60Puerto Rico has a Dengue Fever Illuminati Epidemic according to CBS (Columbia Broadcast System)

U.S. Government Released “Test Bio-Attack Virus” onto Boston Subways

 (Mila is named the sexiest Bitch Alive! She a Slut.)
The Mysterious Death of Hip-Hop Manager & Power Broker Chris Lighty via @thedailybeast
Nelly, Arrested for Gun, Weed, Heroin Possession in Texas (Dam! Weed & Heroin? Get a grip.)
Mexican Gang Arrest in San Diego, Ca. (These crooks in Ca. State, arrest a few gang members “for show” but then we see huge buses and government-funded tunnels at the US/Mexico Border bringing in Mexicans, Mexican Gangs, Guns and Meth. The heads of the CIA, ATF, FBI, ICE, Homeland Sec should be arrested & jailed. These people are fucking criminals.)
The CIA sells drugsMexicans flooding US with Meth (actually it is Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Wachovia, CIA trained and the FBI armed Mexican Cartels that are flooding the US with Meth, with the assistance of the US & Mexican Governments)
Jajao Bimero Israel abuses Ethiopian Jews (“Go Back To Africa” Slurs by Israeli authorities),7340,L-4290225,00.html
 Israel builds a “detention jail” to put black people in detention because being black is a crime in Israel
Record Number Israelis leave U.S. & Canada to go back to Israel
Savage & Racist Israeli Mafia using missiles to blow up homes and are even popping up in N. Africa (Why are they not called terrorist?)
United Nations and Europe using Wall Street/London/Dutch Funded “terrorist” in Nigeria, Africa in order to destabilize the country and steal the oil & mineral wealth
Louisiana State (ya know, the state that Hollywood “Liberals” & token dumb Hollywood Negros like Oprah, Jamie Fox, Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington, Stan Lee love to support via film production) continues to push for racial segregation & institutionalized racism
 Pope & Catholic Church scrambles to address the drop in Church Membership (Could it have ANYTHING to do with the systemic child molestation rings, which the Vatican & Pope encourages? Hmmmm. The modern Catholic Church even tells people to pray to space aliens!)
Catholic Pope makes a business decision to speak in Arabic during “incantations”
EU Unemployed Spanish E.U. Citizens, flock into France for jobs & are now driving down wages for French Citizens (Due to cheap Spanish Labor, construction wages in France have dropped from $15.00 per hour to $10.00 per hour)
425-lb. Ca  Mexican Gang Member tried to kidnap boy  (This isnt even news; this is a daily thing in Ca. State with children & Mexicans)
 Whole Foods selling Monsanto genetically modified Food to customers, on the down low, but Monsanto Executives will not eat their own GMO lab made products at the company
30 French Cops in the Immigrant Suburb of Marseille, outside of Paris, have been busted for corruption & drug dealing (Someone should arrest Sarkozy and Hollande for working with British,Israel Secret Service, being that these are the people bringing in the drugs & training the “terrorist”)
US, CIA, NATO, UK, UN, EU and B.P. Oil installed a radical and artificial token government in Libya, which is now terrorizing the citizens (But hey, as long as British Oil can rip off the wealth)
NYPD runs over & kill black dude in Bronx, said he was “stealing bricks from the ground” and then the NYPD sent the mother a bill
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