The most popular parlor game in Washington: Who will replace Tillerson?

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News Story Source:, By Josh Rogin
When confronted last week with pervasive rumors that he is on the way out, Tillerson pleaded ignorance. "Who in the world is telling you that stuff?" he asked reporters from the Wall Street Journal. He promised to stay in the job "as long as the president thinks I'm useful." Early this month, he held a news conference to deny reports that he had considered quitting. Publicly, Trump has expressed confidence in his top diplomat, despite reports that Tillerson had called the president a "moron."

Inside the White House, officials say privately that Tillerson's repeated disputes with various parts of the Trump inner circle have made his long-term survival untenable. The leading speculation is that he may depart after he has served one full year, to save face and complete the State Department reorganization he has publicly claimed as his primary mission.

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