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Taking Responsibility and Surrendering Self-Judgment

We are born into a world within a particular culture of positive and negative energies that affect our inner emotional and outer mental disposition. The disposition of the inner heart dictates our motivation and inclination toward ourself, other humans, and the overall attitude and perception of reality. Other terminologies of the inner heart are "soul, higher self, inner self, inner spirit" all terminologies advert to the same subject —the inner formless spirit.

Once our current body dies, our inner spirit continues to live. Yet, life after death will have its positive and negative qualities according to the universal law of karma. This is a difficult concept for the Western World because of the lack of assuming responsibility. Responsibility is a key attribute for spiritual progression. The western world has slipped into an egocentric disposition that creates an attitude of Entitlement, in turn generates a non-caring attitude. This non caring mentality cares only about oneself that falls into the camp of the powers of the darkness (egocentric).

The ego directly prevents an individual from assuming responsibility for their own actions

An individual who is selfish about their time and money and only an opportunist who refuses to take responsibility experiences spiritual emptiness and a (disconnected inner self) lonely disposition. Instant Gratification predominates as the lost inner soul continually experiences dissatisfaction. This form a greed is very common within the world. Cultivating qualities such as courage, faith, bravery, and taking responsibility are vital to experience a deep connection our inner spirit and The Divine Spirit.

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Seeking Spirituality Within — Connect with Your Inner Spirit

The world we live is an atmosphere of third dimensional materialism and emotionalizing. We are born into the world that dark entities dominate with egocentric energy and determined to prevent each individual to comprehend the truth and experience a deep inner connection with our true higher-self and divinity. Thus, a lifetime of spiritual work is required to attain an advanced level of consciousness and spirituality.

Subjecting this world of materialism and the attachment to success and failure affects our level of consciousness. Determined to stay grounded and wisely intellectualize, other than foolishly emotionalize every event that occurs will dominate your life into a state of peace and contentment. This external third dimension world we are experiencing is a non-sustainable reality, which is only temporary because of death.

Spirituality Resides Within and is not External!

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Conquering Fear and Experience Grace

Fear dominates humanity around the world. The negative emotion of fear is crippling the world in a state of Paralyzed Will. Other negative emotions that dominate cultures and the individual emotional realities are Guilt and Shame. Fear plays a script on different levels according to the teaching of the culture, parents, and media propaganda.

Facing your inner fears by understanding the opposite and cultivating the spiritually advanced quality of faith will lead you to Experience Grace, confronting your fear will overcoming the intertwined emotions connected with Fear. In addition, completely relying on Divine Direction will assist to capitulating your inner fears.

Fear leads into Anger, Anger leads into Hate — Hate can lead a person down the Path of the Dark-Side.

This Illuminati controlled world that we are experience continues to be dominated with fearful uncertainty of economics and fearful preconceived ideas that stems from the media since the 1950's. Mostly all news, video games, movies, and TV shows instill fear or the emotions that relate within the consumer using a subtle deceptive method. Fears based within futuristic preconceived ideas are a complete delusion.

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