The Land of the Free

The Land of the Free

Cam Burrows of the Border Patrol discovers a massive military complex and air base in northern Mexico, staffed by Chinese nationals. He is captured and may not be able to get word back unless he can escape and find a way back to the United States. Meanwhile, Robbie Linssman uncovers a conspiracy involving his employer, a large shipping company. When he tries to notify the FBI, he turns up dead. His best friend John Corson has soured on life and wants nothing to do with any investigation, but is reluctantly pulled into it. Joining Corson are Robbie’s daughter Jess and two others, Frank and Lyle. Jess and Lyle visit an island off Panama that holds the key to the conspiracy. Will they find what they’re looking for and live to tell about it? Will John and Frank, pursued by a paramilitary group trying to kill them, stay alive long enough to learn the truth and find a way into the White House to warn the President? President Jackson Torres has problems of his own. Drowning in debt and facing a financial crisis, he struggles with his unpopularity and is surrounded by cabinet members pursuing on their own agenda. President Torres finds his foreign policy is spinning out of his control and tensions with China are escalating in spite of his best efforts. He is manipulated into a confrontation he can’t win, and is in fact meant to lose. The independence of the United States hangs in the balance. Why do entities lend money to nations that can’t pay it back, value for value? One plausible explanation is because they expect something of greater value in return. “The Land of the Free” explores this frightening possibility as only a work of fiction can.

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