The Jihad of ISIS (HollywoodIlluminati Upgrades Islamic Cell)

Mysteries of the unseen, which they can not comprehend. ISIS gets an
upgrade; shall we begin.

Nuclear and Space shall fall on her enemies.

An Islamic Black Mirror to help them scry. As I cause weather devices
to go awry. 

From the Mediterranean to Southern Europe; ISIS will grow.
  Prince Ranier’s Family Tree will be no more. 

American Military Officers that try to secure The Zionist’s Il Got Gains; will die in
cars and planes, as their pathetic country cries out in pain.  

Israel (Isis-Ra-Elohim) the artificial land of sin; sets off nuclear weapons,
breaking treaty after treaty…yet again. 

Tyrants cannibalize tyrants.

  New York and London go under quarantine; as new viruses strike, which
have never been seen. 

Dark Scientist names will be revealed; the New
World Order falls to its heels. 

Dark Technology runs backwards; as technocrats seek protection under my magical seal. 

Tribes of nomads,
now dripping in oil wealth; a major blow will be dealt. 

Allah’s Angel,Gabriel, appeared to me. Tell then what you see. If they still ask this
of you; then so let it be.

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