The Illuminati’s Six Dimensional Universe

The Illuminati's Six Dimensional Universe

The cosmology that underlies the Pythagorean Illuminati’s ancient religion of Illuminism is based on six dimensions – three of real space, and three of “imaginary” space, although imaginary space isn’t of course imaginary at all but has ontological reality. To be more exact, it is the origin of time rather than space.¬†

Discover how this model explains all of the mysteries of Einstein’s special theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, and disproves the theoretical basis of M-theory.

This book explains the true nature of time and the speed of light, and thereby explains how God, the soul, and the afterlife are all inevitable.

This is extremely complex philosophical, mathematical and scientific material that reveals the staggering difference between the childish cosmology of the Abrahamists compared with that of the Illuminati.

No scientific materialist would find it¬†facile to reveal any flaws in the Illuminati’s six-dimensional cosmos. On the contrary, Illuminism exposes the enormous holes in the ideology of scientific materialism which denies the ontological reality of zero, infinity and the imaginary number, i, hence erroneously denies that mathematics is ontologically “complete”.

Do not read this book if you are an Abrahamist, a conspiracy theorist or a freeloader. This book is only for rational, intelligent, open-minded freethinkers.

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