The Illegitimacy Of Banking System Debt and How To Screw The Banksters Along With Their Owners

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Feature Article by Mike Swatek
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If someone creates "money" out of thin air, then lends it to you under the pretense that it is real, what do you owe them? They misrepresented the money as having been entirely earned by someone and owed back to them. Meanwhile, in fact, only 10% of that money was actually earned and owed. Then they went on to charge a rate of interest appropriate to their lie. They knew the actual rate of interest they would receive was about 10-times the going rate from an honest person.

That is the criminal enterprise the banking system has been perpetrating. For example, those paying 15% interest on a credit card have been actually paying about 150% interest on the real money which the bank received from somebody who earned it, while they paid about 1.5% or less to that person.

Give this some thought. The money you were loaned was 90% created out of thin air. Then you've been charged an enormous rate of interest on the 10% of deposited mone
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