The Great Covid Mass Vaxxing Scam

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
The Great Covid Mass Vaxxing Scam

by Stephen Lendman

Safe to human health vaccines don't exist — never have, maybe never will, none available today. 

They're all dangerous, harmful, fail their hyped promises, and are hazardous to human health — to a greater or lesser extent depending on care taken in their development.

Time and again, they do more harm than good, why no one should touch them — especially nothing recommended by Big Pharma, Western regimes, and their establishment media press agents.

No one should be a guinea pig for a government approved mass human experiment that may prove catastrophic for many of its unwitting participants.

Covid vaccines may be more hazardous than any earlier ones for any purpose.

They've been fast-tracked, poorly developed, inadequately tested, experimental, and risk serious straightaway or later on health issues that in some, maybe many, cases could be lethal.

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