The Fauci Wing of the Libertarian Party

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News Story Source:, By Tom Woods
The Libertarian Party has been a grotesque disappointment. During the critical months of lockdown, not a peep. (Some state and local chapters, by contrast, were indeed very good.)

Oh, they were very exercised about the January 6 nothingness, but the rising dystopia? Meh.

I won't go into the details, because they'll only enrage you (and me).

Now you may say: Woods, I don't care about politics or the Libertarian Party.

I hear you.

I myself care about the Libertarian Party because it has the word "libertarian" in it, so I would prefer it not be a hideous embarrassment.

Not to mention: I would like every institution that has a microphone to be rock-solid on the COVID dystopia.

To that end, on February 15, in the penthouse of a major hotel on the Las Vegas strip, I am hosting a fundraiser and meet and greet for Angela McArdle, who is running for chair of the party (technically, chair of the Libertarian National Committee).

If you can be there, I
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