The End of a Very Nasty, Desperate, Angry Year

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
The year 2020, just about done and gone, doesn't excite anyone for the birth of 2021.  We've really got multiple messes in our country.  Worse than that, I'm not sure there's anyone who can repair our problems.  

There might be some kind of salvation in the newly released vaccines being distributed to cure Covid, but how do we cure the anger of our youth toward their own country?  How do you change a teenager from stomping on Old Glory?  How do we assuage Black Lives Matter as they march, burn, riot and loot at the drop of a hat?  What do we do to cure our young Antifa anarchists?  How do we cure a $26 trillion national debt?  How do we solve joblessness, hunger, illiteracy in our inner cities, and over 100,000 homeless Americans living in tents in the streets of major cities like LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Miami and New York City?

If Trump couldn't solve them, how will a man suffering from senility and
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