The Elitist NYC Dalton School is Having a Racial Policy Meltdown

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News Story Source:, Colin Wright
This list of demands is only the short version. There are actually 24 much more expansive demands that span 8 full pages.

Wright correctly notes:

Giving in to this ideology is not a winning strategy. Hiring diversity officers will not improve your situation. Diversity officers are good at one thing: finding reasons to justify hiring more diversity officers.

You eventually reach a tipping point where there are so many diversity officers fighting to uncover ever-more nuanced forms of racism and perceived oppression that a school's probability of boiling over in a moral panic for no apparent reason approaches 1.

But it is deeper than that. 

"Parents are terrified to speak up for fear of retribution. Parents are acting like spineless wimps," an insider told the New York Post.

From the Board of Trustees Racial Vision Statement and Progress Report:

All Dalton students will have a deep historical understanding of racial and structural inequities in
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