The Early Church

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News Story Source: by Paul Green
And so the Roman state, at the behest of the local state empowered Pharisees and the Herodians, put Jesus to death by crucifiction.

But was this Roman/Herodian system an aberration? Was it merely a rare, unusual and exceptionally evil form of government – rather than the norm?

World history would strongly indicate otherwise – right up to the present day. Nevertheless, most Christians are taught by their church to believe that the kingdoms and governments of this world are intended to be a tool of God on earth.

Could government's divinely appointed purpose really be to advance the Kingdom of God and to see that justice is done? Should Christians therefore support and obey government as a matter of moral obligation, not just to avoid arrest – and not only as a sacrifice for the Lord's sake, to avoid hindering the Gospel message?

The early church leaders were faced wi
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