The Dorr Brothers of Liberty Organize Protests of The Lockdowns and Send the Left Into a Tizzy

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The UK's Daily Mail sets the scene:

Three far-right, pro-gun brothers are behind a slew of anti-quarantine Facebook groups galvanizing protests and urging tens of thousands of followers to decry state lockdowns.

Ben Dorr, the political director of a group called Minnesota Gun Rights and siblings Christopher Dorr, the director of Ohio Gun Owners, and Aaron Dorr, the executive director of Iowa Gun Owners are behind at least four state anti-quarantine Facebook groups with a combined following of over 200,000 members.

The three have created Facebook groups calling for protests in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

While at first glance the demonstrations cropping up across the nation appear to be organic, the coordination of these brothers on Facebook means they're actually being engineered by a network of conservative directors.
According to the Daily Mail:

Ben Dorr created a Facebook group entitled Wisconsinites Against Excessive Quarantine on Wednesday,
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