The Diaper-Free Zone

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News Story Source: Eric Peters Autos
It is  Beckyjack's Food Shack in Hernando County, Florida. This joint not only doesn't require "masks" to enter or be served, it doesn't dignify them. There is a big sign in front that reads: Face Diapers Not Required! Everyone Welcome.

Imagine that.

It is a big step in the right direction to leave it up to individuals to decide whether to wear a "mask" rather than force everyone to wear one, as in the "case" of a local bakery known to me that has a sign informing customers that they will not be asked about "masks" and are free to wear one if they want to and free to not wear one if they want to.

Imagine that.

One size does not and should not fit all, except when it comes to prison cells, perhaps – and that is what America is becoming, right down to the ugly prison terminology ("lockdowns" used to be for convicts, not the unconvicted) and the meant-to-humiliate stand here/walk there/behind the plexigla
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