Sure, we all know who won the Super Bowl. The 2013 Super Bowl was unlike any other. What do I mean by that? Well, last year’s half time was unbelievable but there are some poignant moments of discontent this year too.
CBS Victory shouts out a average overnight household rating of 48.1/71, the game was the highest-rated Super Bowl in metered history.


Superdome Lights

Lights Go Out-

Lights go out in New Orleans! Yes, yesterdays post here had some details revealing this masterful numerical equation, but the half time show was just as masterful. But the fact that the Georgia Guidestones will turn 33 years old on March 22, 2013 is very worrying.

The Georgia Guidestones were erected by the Skull and Bones secret society, that has the number 322 in their logo…

Since the Super Bowl number 47 happened 47 days before March 22, 2013, and the lights went out when it was 13:22 for the end of the third quarter, and 13:22 may be a reference to 322, then I’m worried about March 22, 2013.
And notice at 2:12 the number 322 in the wall, right before it explodes. 322 is the Skull and Bones number, and the lights went out in the Super Bowl when it was 13:22 for the end of the third quarter.


666 in the Timing? [link]

The game resumed at 9:11


Showing Some Illuminated Love
Did Beyonce flash the Illuminati sign? Some know there are a super-secret cabal of individuals who have no doubt shaped the course of world events due to their influence and money so it only makes perfect sense to have their puppetry flashing their infamous signals.


Oreo Capitalizes
So, this was planned! How else does a multinational corporation capitalize on such an exposure. They tweeted out this pic…and “You can still dunk in the dark”…which probably sent many oreo-loving fans running to the store with hunger pangs.


Are We Puppets?

You All Have No Power… Humanity… POWERLESS…

In The Face Of God.


All Seeing Eye Symbols All Over The Stadium, CBS Logos.

Logos = The Word.

Beyonce’s Halftime Show…. Emerges From The Flames.

The Two-Headed Phoenix. Janus. Good And Evil In One God.


She Sings Of The Rings. The Lord Of The Rings = Saturn/Satan.

Half The Stadium Goes Dark, Half Stays Light.

Forming A Yin Yang. The Dollar Bill. The All Seeing Eye And Phoenix.


Duality. Beyond Good And Evil. The Tree Of Knowledge.

This Also Represents The Masonic Black And White Chessboard.

At The Center Of The Stadium Ceiling Is A Huge CHRIST-ler Symbol.


Completing The Darkness/Light, Sun/Moon Masonic Columns With The Chrystler Symbol At The Center = God.

Beyond Good And Evil. As Above So Below.

Even The Teams Are A Perfect Duality.


Ravens = Black/Night/Moon.

49ers = Light/Sun/GOLD

The Dark Age Ends. The Golden Age Begins.

The Stadium Goes Dark. Then Is Illuminated With Light Again.


Knowledge Of The Creator And Source.

Revelations And Genesis.

There Were Literally Dozens Of Occult Symbols Occurring At Once.

As The Idiot Announcers Babbled (Babylon) Like Nervous Children… When Clearly Something BEYOND Their Power And Comprehension Was Happening.

This Is A Ritual Symbolizing The Judgement Of Mankind By God And The Current State Of The World.


Everyone Continues To Ignore The Clear And Obvious SIGNS, Both Good And Evil, Dark And Light… Of God’s Return And Presence.

And Continue To Focus On The Material World Which Is Burning And Crumbling BEFORE THEIR EYES And They Are POWERLESS To Do Anything Against It.

Extinction Is Coming.


An “Outside” Force Caused The Loss Of Power (All Humanity).

The Source Of The Power Outage (Surge) Is A MYSTERY.


And Humanity Continues (Much Like The Game) Ignoring The Signs And Being Concerned With Things That Do NOT Matter.


Connect The Dots.

Think About It.

Food For Thought.

Last but not least……Taurus in Super Bowl –


Once it was about money, the commercials brought in tha big bucks! But now, it’s about tha big bucks and the subliminal messaging as well….

The Lone Ranger [link]
I get the impression they’re trying to tell us something, what do you think? A Lone Ranger. Illuminati? Masked, and one a SKULL AND BONE adventure.
The feathers about Tonto’s head is in the shape of the ancient Sumerian Wings. Also in the Logo of the DISNEY Movie LOGO.  Fitting considering this is their LOGO for many a company witch the elite own. Yes, witch!
Black and white makeup seals the deal! But Johnny Deep is an expert at being the Illuminati’s puppet by now.

Oz: The Great and Powerful [link]
Which Witch is Which?
Yet, another DISNEY spotlight for their subliminal messaging. OZ is said to be the GRAND MASTER of all shows. It reflects the puppetry and the “yellow brick road” to success for the Illuminati.

Iron Man 3
Discover another element of this powerful series with the reverse triangle on his chest! Lady in Red, Sphinx, Satanic music, transhumanism at it’s CORE!
Many people have ascribed to the ever-increasing similarities to Iron Man and the Illuminati. They even have a whole group of forces who ‘secretly’ work behind the scenes to fight crime. The Avengers: Illuminati


Is it by chance that one of these characters looks like a VAMPIRE. Hence Prince Charles and the Vampire Conspiracy. Yes, it’s fictional but it’s it all? NO!
The House of “M” makes me think of Merovingian! Called ‘The Council of Kings”…quite clever, huh. With characters from Atlantis, I would expect nothing less.

World War Z [link]
Is there a PITT in the bottom of your stomach? Well, none the less we have Brad playing the dutiful father in this powerfully given performance. We have the last several years spent with conversations of ‘if’s and could’s’…and people wondering if present day activities are leading to this kind of event in our future. From Sue Bradley to Steve Quayle to Tom Horn…we’ve heard all the scenarios of what could happen.
Not only does Hollywood play into these extreme nightmarish thoughts but they also give us clues into what the Illuminati are planning for us. Fun. Fun. Fun.
A 33-second trailer is not just by chance. No, sir. We have yet another form of numerology in play. Zombie Apocalypse – zombies = martial law—Zombies – dead people = mind control slaves

Star Trek Into Darkness [link]
The inside subliminal messages from this series of spectacular movies comes in over a decade or more of results ending with a masterful plot of dominance and elite performances.
All one need do is research the never-ending symmetry of feed corresponding to the darkness which the Illuminati live.

We have Vin Diesel and ‘The Rock’ and all roads lead to “The Fast & Furious”. The words ‘we’ve graduated to a whole new level’ reminds me of just how bold and IN YOUR FACE the Illuminati has become.

Man of Steel [link]
LEGENDARY presents it’s SWASTIKA at the beginning of this trailer, so what else is in store for us? I must admit the beginning scene which features a ‘light’ spanning the sky is not the “Superman” that I thought of. Yes, we have the WATCHERS. Super-Angels.
The world lacks a savior. Hmm…another reference we are seeing in the religious forums because this is exactly what the New Age movement is all about.
Chanting and idolism is just but a few trait’s the elite have you performing in expectant glory of a TRANSHUMAN savior.

We have elitism which has exploded! Like plastic explosives with a fuse to short, we are a nation falling into a sinkhole of despair. All thanks to the Illuminati.

CTC Says Opposition to a New World Order is TERRORIST ACTIVITY!

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