The Dangers of David Icke, Aliens, Bio-Weapons & Hollywood Mind-Control.

David Icke and his deadly propaganda
David Icke was on Alex Jones and actually running a boo-hoo story about being a crusader against the New World Order yet he is surprised that a group of protesters went after him in Hawaii.
David Icke is now yelling “This is not a bloody game” when in reality, if you listen to his rant on Alex Jones, he is mostly upset that some organizers didn’t show case his speech ahead of others and David Icke is known for throwing drug fueled, temper tantrums when he isnt given Diva Like Star Treatment.
Alex Jones talked about The Hunger Games film and its supposedly UN Agenda 21 propaganda. While Alex Jones is right about the latest round of Hollywood’s propaganda, he appears to be ignorant about the fact that the British Government and British Film Makers have been making “Hunger Game” films for at least the past six years.
  • Anyone that cruises the British Foreign Film Section on Netflix can clearly see that the UK has been producing films that promote an elite class, that appear to be exclusively white, while Black and Brown Immigrants take part in urban warfare with the objective of obtaining food and basic comforts.
  • One will also notice that many of these New World Order films, almost entirely produced by the British, appear to never show a white middle class or any white person, almost in an attempt to get used to the fact that Europe will be place, in the near future, that only has white Europeans recorded in legends, myths and museums.
So, what we have is programming that is teaching the world that black & brown people should accept that a few white rulers are elites or special, while  white Europeans are basically extinct and not apart of the end game.
The same circles that are pushing for this elite white upper echelon of a few, that rules over a 3rd world planet Earth of uneducated black and brown people are the same circles that produced & promoted David Icke.
Regardless of what Alex Jones wants to push about this ridiculous, Shirley McClain 1980′s Rip-Off, David Icke, I know for a fact that David Icke has made a living off of being a well promoted New World Order Agent for an agenda that is designed to imprison most of the planet while the non-aristocratic Euro Class is completely eliminated.
If one listens to David Icke’s mumbo jumbo & his out dated, 1980′s Out on a Limb Shirley MacClain bullshit, we have the basic agenda of driving an alien elite narrative (annuaki, enclave UN Cities of Wealth) that was sent to rule over the peasants and he has been pedaling this frivolous mess all over Africa and producing fraud interviews with absurd “Zulu Chiefs” that are on the pay roll of the UN, in order to get this racist mess accepted.
  • There was a time when I was pressured to work for the propaganda arm of the New World Order. What kind of propaganda did the NWO want from me? They wanted End of Days Alien Propaganda.  In other words, the alien agenda and the selling of alien intelligence is of vital important to the New World Order.
Why?  There’s an aspect of the Illuminati that simply thinks that population reduction is something that can not be achieved, in a rapid enough manner, from lab made diseases, food and viruses because often times, these diseases have to be rolled out with massive PR campaigns and even with the spiking of vaccines and the adding of cancer causing chemicals into the food & water supply, this only leaves us with a bunch of sick, whining people that take decades to not only develop the disease but they can take even more decades to die.
Notice that Northern Europe is now rolling out mobile suicide clinics.
So, this is where the bio-weapons come into play because while there are unsecured bio-weapons which can wipe out the entire state of Texas in under 90 days, these bio-weapons were trial run in parts of Africa and when the Africans saw their kids being born dead or dying soon after birth the Africans started rising up against the government.
In other words, if bio-weapons were released and people started dropping like flies, the chances of massive uprising against the power structure is all but guaranteed.  Everyone from the military to judges to Senators will rise up against the Illuminati. 
People who thought that they were in the inner system will soon realize that the New World Order doesn’t include them and being that everyone will try and come forward with their idiotic last minute confessions about the reality of the Illuminati, it will be too late because the alien narrative is a built-in protection mechanism that also includes Messiah Religions being that as the world dies of new & mysterious diseases, one can blame it on God’s judgement, Annuaki Aliens or even a comet that carried the virus from a far away corner of the Universe, which is also a narrative being pushed by science propagandist for the Illuminati.
(Sitchin holding up a brand new, UN & British created Annuaki artifact that is allegedly thousands of years old….but notice its brand new.)
In other words, the only way to off set this unrest is to convince people that aliens or God is behind these mass extinction agendas and this is where Christian and New Age Leaders come into play. 
David Icke is from this crowd of clowns and I while Alex Jones accuses anyone who exposes David Icke as instigating “in fighting”, I know who David Icke is and I am fully aware of his frauds.
  • If David Icke is such a threat, then why is he constantly safe enough to be all over US Media?  Why hasn’t he had his travel Visa restricted like others, who are really trying to fight and expose the New World Order?  Why is he able to travel the world and pimp his Reptile Alien Bullshit?  Even I can barely have a WordPress Blog without getting a constant “talking to” from certain “elites”.
When ever the media dispatches its merchants of stupidity, like David Icke, and even NASA to talk about alien life and aliens even turning nuclear power plants off and on, this is a Code Red.
While Alex Jones will admit that the CIA and New World Order uses “alien invasion” narratives as a cover for  false flag attacks (he even reported the NY Times pushing this fraud agenda) and while he also admits and knows about the use of holograms of Jesus designed to fool people when the New World Order starts up with their population reduction plots, he is also the same man that not only gives massive promotion to David Icke, but he also puts out a “special report” on the Hollywood Film Prometheus, and talks about it being propaganda (which he is correct) while using the History Channel’s Ancient Alien Propaganda as being something that is factual. Really?
The History Channel’s Ancient Alien Series not only is produced and funded by the United Nations and British Nazi Wannabe Elite, but they actually say that aliens came down to Earth and sprayed a mist over Europe and this is what caused the Black Plague.  This alien spraying a mist narrative is also backed up by some members of the Catholic Church.
As much as Alex Jones rants against bio-weapons and even cries on the aire, he doesn’t seem to notice that bio-weapons which can cause mass extinction are usually strategically placed in parts of Europe and the U.S. that have densely white populations.
Alex Jones may think that David Icke is something cute and that it is ok to talk about alien rulers at the same time that he rants against the New World Order and Illuminati but I happen to know that this is a dangerous game.
Maybe it is cool and a fad to be Bill Gates and push for open borders and expanded Visas for immigrants while he also funds chronic disease warfare non-profit agendas because he wants population control for anyone that isn’t able to work at Microsoft for slave wages.
Maybe it is cool to be like Obama and pretend to be “green” and for a cleaner environment, even as massive toxic chemicals are being pumped into US under ground reservoirs via fracking (even causing Earth Quakes) and handing out oil permits to every foreign oil company that promises to spill tons of oil into our seas, gulfs and lakes.
I know that you haven’t seen the stuff that I have seen but let me give you yet another glimpse.  A glimpse into the horrors.
Americans haven’t seen the UN’s bio weapons program which dumps lab made bacteria into a river that runs from Northern Mexico up into Ca’s Salton Sea.  So, toxic is this Staph like bacteria that border security and military units are instructed to not touch or detain a Mexican Immigrant that crossed into Ca State, coming up through the Imperial Valley Route but instead these Mexicans are moved into Central California and put to work in the agricultural corporations, which should explain why people in Central and Northern California are dying of bacterial infections that often are so toxic that mushroom like fungus sprouts from their skin.
Yeah, we hear about the over prescribing of antibiotics but we never get to hear about the using of Mexican and Latino Immigrants that are being deliberately infected with deadly and air- born bacteria and then  these immigrant are transported through out the U.S.
I would imagine that when one starts sprouting fungus mushrooms from their legs, as your skin and tissue peals away, that maybe having the Center for Disease Control & Dept of Health simply issuing a press release about it being “all in your mind”-would be enough of a hint but Hell is a place where no one wants to admit that they dwell.
Alex Jones obviously has never been invited into the off-limits, no public allowed areas of Universal Studio, where a virtual world technology exist, that is so advanced, that the strongest mind & intellect will not be able to tell fiction from reality.
Clearly, he hasn’t had the ugly pleasure of actually experiencing one of these prison planet cities, which he only knows in theory.  He has never seen a world of urban decay that is surround with an artificial environment bubble and holds an entire population of children that are grown in a lab and each of these cities are connected by a tunnel where one gets into a programmable self driving car, travels through a world that has no seasons or day light and offers nothing but bondage. 
While he talks about reading these “white papers”-I have been there and while its a virtual reality, the mind is so fooled by this Matrix that if this New World Order tour would have a glitch in the program and the self-driving car would have maybe wrecked in this “screening”-it is perfectly possible that one could die because your mind accepts this virtual showing as something real. 
Perhaps Alex Jones believes David Icke’s utter bullshit because he, like most Americans, are polluted with metal toxins, which are distributed through the environment, food and water supply.  Why are metals being added to the air, food and water supply? Because metals not only cause brain decay, drives the ridiculous mental illness epidemic and shortens life span but having metals in one’s body also means that if a satellite shoots down a certain vibration, it is possible to actually manipulate a person’s mind in such a manner that an entire area of people will committee mass suicide, develop a failing memory, go into a walking trance and even go on a murder spree.
Alex Jones doesn’t seem to understand why the “elites” are wrecking the environment and trashing the world with aluminum and mercury toxins.  Does Alex Jones really want the answers to his questions?  Will I be accused of grandiose fabrications?
I will let Alex Jones in on a little secret. There’s certain genetic codes that are more common in “the elites” than in the general public.  These codes have nothing to do with alien invaders or Annuaki mess but they have everything to do with one’s ancestry.
Ya see, I have certain genes and one of the genes that I posses in my DNA is GSTM1.  What does this DNA Gene do for me and those of us who are fortunate enough to posses GSTM1 (this is a more common gene but I will use this as an example)-well, my body will detoxify heavy metals at a very rapid rate. 
I don’t have to fast, eat certain “green food” or buy his tangy tangerine mix because this gene among a few others, simply allows me to live and survive in an atmosphere that is saturated with heavy metals, even though those without this gene will become toxic and even suffer from mutations.
Already right there we have a split in reality.  While I actually spend time and money to map and understand my DNA, some Americans actually spend time and money to buy and read David Icke’s books.  I live in reality and others live in David Icke’s Never Never Land of idiotic matrix bullshit.
While the population around me gets dumber and dumber, so dumb that they actually think that David Icke is a man to be listened to, even when Alex Jones has endless shows that clearly show a movement to blame aliens on what will amount to mass murder of the human race, Alex Jones acts as nothing but a press agent and salesman for David Icke and his cult.
If you continue to humor these people and actually aid them in developing a momentum on this front, you may as well take out a gun and murder your entire family and at least the deaths may be quick.
There is a chance that my body can detoxify and survive a mass bio-weapon or excuse me, I mean Aunnaki Alien Revisit and I simply have no problem with looking at millions of dead bodies in the street and I promise you that this will include David Icke and Alex Jones.
There will be no bibles written about you, no stone tablets that tell your story, in fact it will be like you never existed.  If you insist on pushing for this reality because you think that Lucifer will not manifest your Annuaki Alien Reptiles, I assure you that the Illuminati is dying to serve this up.
Nicolas Duplessis

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