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The 43-year-old rapper launched the school last week with a video on Twitter 

He said in a September tweet that the school would have  five 'founding pillars'

They are: faith, music, communication, collaboration, and creativity 

West has also shared clips from what appears to be inside the academy

He showed a kitchen area for 'food tasting' and blue walls filled with graffiti  

There is no information about whether it is a fully certified institution or its cost

It is also not clear if the school will be open to the public or where it is based

A press release simply calls it Kanye's 'latest initiative for education' 

The 43-year-old rapper launched the school last week after announcing in September that its five 'founding pillars' were 'faith, music, communication, collaboration, and creativity.' The post discusses what is expected of faculty and students at the school. 

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