The Creed of Slaves

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News Story Source:, By Becky Akers
American clergy couldn't close their doors fast enough when bureaucrats and politicians "suggested" they do so—but such kowtowing has only emboldened Leviathan. The beast no longer contents itself with urging parishioners to stay home: it now forbids them to convene.

And it's persecuting dissidents. In Florida, Rev. Rodney Howard-Browne "was arrested Monday at his home one day after his church was packed with worshippers…," while Rev. Tony Spell in Louisiana "fac[es] misdemeanor charges for holding services…" that attracted 1,265 attendees.

No wonder crowds crammed both churches: if Southern ecclesiastics are as biddable as their counterparts elsewhere, none but our heroes defied the demonic decrees against assembling. That left Christians with one venue alone for corporate worship in their respective states last Sunday.

Praise God for bold believers rebelling against tyrants! Why aren't the faithful throughout Amer
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