The Celestial Magic Of A Campfire and Friends

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Feature Article by Frosty Wooldridge
To sit around a campfire with a stick while you poke the glowing embers before you, may be one of the most tangible of all visible mysteries of the universe.  You stare into pulsing energy that feeds your soul.  Warmth comforts your sense of belonging to the wilderness.   You feel peace of mind caressing your spirit.  Surrounding your fire, a cathedral of trees towers into the ink-black of space.  Twinkling stars enlighten your imagination.  A full moon balances the evening with a symphony of popping embers, leaping flames and curling smoke reaching into the evening enchantment.

(Few joys in life beat sitting around a campfire with your friends on a chilly night and a starry sky with a pot of stew simmering on the coals and campfire stories flying around like magic to bring laughter, joy and fellowship.)

Sitting with you, friends stare into the same flames, thinking their own thoughts and enjoying the soothin
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