The Brotherhood Conspiracy

The Brotherhood Conspiracy

When the parents of small town architect Jim Phillips die under mysterious circumstances, Jim’s brother, Rick, a partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in the country, flies home for the funeral. He tells Jim that his law firm is owned and managed by the Brotherhood, a cabal of twenty-four men who secretly control the economies of the free world, and that his real job is making payoffs for this secret society. The Brotherhood, he says, killed their parents to secure his silence when he appears before an upcoming Federal Grand Jury investigating corruption and money laundering. Rick gives Jim a USB drive containing evidence that, should it become known, will bring the Brotherhood down once and for all. And he makes Jim promise to deliver the evidence to the Special Prosecutor overseeing the Federal Grand Jury investigation if anything happens to him.

Jugular, Intelligence Chief for the Brotherhood, discovers that Rick Phillips made a copy of the damning evidence. When Jugular’s boss and current head of the Brotherhood, Theodore Fredericks, hears this, he theorizes that Rick passed the information to Jim when he returned home for their parents’ funeral. Fredericks orders Jugular to take care of Rick, and to find Jim and Jim’s wife Jill.

Jim wakes up the morning after Rick goes home and learns that Rick was a passenger on an airplane that exploded in mid-air. Jim knows this was no accident. He and Jill separate for safety, and then run for their lives. With nowhere else to turn, Jim calls Randy Cakerice, a conspiracy theorist and a trusted friend of his late brother. Through Randy, Jim encounters an alternate history of the world that he has never heard before. He learns about the emergence of the Brotherhood and the ancient bloodline that leads to the current representatives. As Jim and Jill are relentlessly pursued in a suspenseful cross-country chase, Jugular stays on their tails utilizing his connections within government agencies: the Defense Department, NSA, and the CIA. Arrays of unusual characters assist Jim in his effort to deliver the evidence to the authorities and, incidentally, expose the truth about the Brotherhood to the people.

The novel is a fast paced, heart-thumping, page-turner sure to awaken the awareness of everyone who reads it.

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