The Boy With Divine Powers


In this remarkable and unique time we live in will occur many things of which the Bible prophesized. This is a very strange story of a boy, his life and much intrigue which surrounds it.
Ram Bahadur Bomjan has been named the “Buddha-Boy. What’s so ‘special’ about this boy? At the time of this Discovery Channel Documentary was taped this young man had been mediating without FOOD or WATER for over 10 months, with his intention of a total of 6 years to attain purity. He began the meditation on May 16, 2005. Many people fast for religious purposes but to deny oneself of sustenance for this period must have a divine interventions, but what divinity is this, or more appropriately, WHO is this?
He is reported to have a blue light coming from the top of his head, and sometimes from his forehead. He was also said to have been bitten by a poisonous snake, twice and received no health care. And some people claim they saw fire coming from his chest!
March 11, 2006 the boy disappeared!


Discovery Channel Documentary

5/17/2011 Dharma Sanga (Buddha Boy) End of 6th Year of Meditation

Buddha Boy’s First Speech Begins, August 2, 2007


Speech of Buddha Boy in Nepali
Ram Speaks on World Destruction


Buddha Boy Sitting in Fire

B Boy buddha-boy article WQ

This one give away the reality of this boy…
Buddha Dharma Sangha Great Speech

Then this one calls out WHO he channels
Maha Maitriya = Great Maitreya
Some believe the speeches this person has given is that of the prophetic Mahdi, the Maitreya returned. Some believe this could very well be Maitreya in the flesh while others believe it to be a hoax. I certainly believe all these things he’s done is possible through magick. Magick is the wonders and signs of God! These channelings are of Maitreya, and when you listen to the choice of words used within his speeches it leaves no question as to who this is in my opinion.
The New Age is upon us, this is proof! The signs and miracles which the Bible prophetically speaks of is here! This is the religion of the East, quite true but it is connected to the Freemasons!


Lucis Trust (originally Lucifer Trust))-The Spiritual Foundation of the United Nations
At one time it had the address of 666 United Nations Plaza!


This next website includes the sponsorship of the United Nations: AQUAA.ORG

Aquaa and the New World Order

All About the Reappearance of the World Teacher, Maitreya


These Ascended Masters uses various names to represent one another, sometimes even duplicating each others from time to time.

The Descent of Sanat Kumara and the Lords of the Flame from Venus
Leadbeater and later adherents of Theosophy believe that Sanat Kumara came to Earth 18,500,000 years ago (A.E. Powell gives a figure of 16,500,000 years ago) from the etheric plane of the planet Venus (According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Church Universal and Triumphant he came only 2,500,000 years ago). In Theosophy, the beings that helped Sanat Kumara organize the expedition from Venus are called the “Lords of the Flame”. In later versions, notable “Lords of the Flame” include Gautama Buddha, and the World Teacher (the being referred to alternately as Maitreya or Christ by Benjamin Creme). The Church Universal and Triumphant teaches that Sanat Kumara and the Lords of the Flame also brought 144,000 souls with them from Venus. Alice Bailey, on the other hand, gives the number 105 only.
Sanat Kumara is regarded as the great guru, savior of Earth. Believers in him see him in all the major religions, as Skanda/Kartikkeya in Hinduism, Brahma-Sanam Kumara in Buddhism, Ancient of Days in Judeo-Christianity and Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism. It is also considered that Sanat Kumara is Al Khdir (green man) known to Sufi Muslims (according to Dakshinamurti).
It is maintained in some of these versions of Theosophy that Venus is the most spiritually advanced planet of our solar system. The beings living on the etheric plane of Venus are said to be millions of years ahead of us in their spiritual evolution. It is said that the governing council of Venus sent one of themselves, Sanat Kumara, here to guide us. It is said in Theosophy that once Sanat Kumara arrived here, he directed the construction of the city of Shamballa on the etheric plane above the Gobi Desert to serve as his headquarters.


Last Thoughts
This is definitely a boy who is being blessed. We wish him luck!

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