The Boring Company gets approval to develop Las Vegas tunnel

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News Story Source:, Loz Blain
The Las Vegas Convention Center is currently undergoing a large renovation, with the facility to be expanded to cover 200 acres in time for CES 2021. To travel the center from end-to-end would involve covering a distance of around two miles (3.2 km), so the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority put the call out for some on-property transport solutions.

After considering options from various candidates, the authority last week announced a recommendation for The Boring Company to design and build a "people mover" for its purposes. Today its 14-member board officially approved the recommendation, leaving Elon Musk's tunneling startup free to move ahead with its development.

In its current form, the proposal describes an underground loop system with the potential to transport 11,000 passengers an hour. These folks would travel on autonomous electric shuttles at high speeds to various stations around the center, with scope for future connections beyond the center,
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