The Blame Game: Screw It

18 children under the age of 11 have been killed by a 20-year-old gunman, and I am in no mood for this Manchurian Candidate nonsense today. I’ve had quite enough of the Infowars Blame Game of offloading blame for atrocities onto anyone but the perpetrators. Every time someone murders schoolchildren or innocent bystanders because he’s suffering from a severe mental illness, is a sociopath, or wants to get even with the powers that be, Jones and Company take a cursory look at the initial reports, draw a sweeping conclusion from the limited facts available, and stick to it no matter what subsequently emerges. Did a racist kill a museum worker because he couldn’t stand his tax dollars going toward Holocaust education? Well, no, he was actually blackmailed by some shadowy government entity – even though there is zero evidence for that. Did a Norwegian douchebag open fire on a kids’ camp because he didn’t like the political affiliation of the organizers? Nope, he’s just a patsy in a New World Order scheme to suppress Norway’s version of libertarians – even though he went into great detail about his motives in court.
Have you ever been right about this stuff, Infowars? If you’re such master profilers, maybe you should tackle some cold cases. The Lindbergh baby? Mind-controlled patsies took him. The Black Dahlia? Probably a “Valkyrie-style takeover drill”.

As for the Second Ammendment concerns that Infowars places above everything else in the latest school shooting (even the lives lost), and their complaints about celebrities calling for gun control, a Facebook friend expressed it best:

When someone reacts to this shooting by talking about how to prevent future events like it, they’re “politicizing tragedy.” What would you call it when someone reacts by screaming about how disgusted they are that the government may take steps to limit their capacity to shoot people? (Even though it probably won’t.)

Is anyone really impressed by Infowars’ lazy, gun-jumping b.s.? Does a hastily-typed report by Paul Joseph Watson actually convince you that the latest crazy asshole must be a New World Order zombie, even though everything in it has been culled from mainstream media reports that are supposedly far less reliable than Infowars? Well, then, you just might be living in a sick, dismal fantasy world. And maybe you should stay there. I really don’t care today.
Rather than struggling to distort this tragedy to fit my political ends, I’m going to see it for what it is (a terrible crime against children) and mourn for the many families who have been devastated by it.

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