The Big O: A Closing Word

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News Story Source:, Patrick Byrne
 I also am comfortable talking about aspects of the past, especially where they have greater significance for the subject of Deep Capture. But I am now 100% disassociated from Overstock, and people should stop asking me to comment on current management's activities or decisions, or to connect someone here to some person there to handle some token sale or product placement. You need to contact them yourselves.

Due to a controversy which began bubbling into the public's awareness on July 26, Overstock's then-CFO reported on Saturday, August 17, in writing to the board that it was "impossible" to get D&O insurance with me at the firm. While some aspects of his report were a tad ambiguous, when one gets into the business of parsing with the CFO and Chair what "impossible" to get insurance means, it is time to leave.

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