The Beginning is Nigh – by Ernest Hancock

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Feature Article by Ernest Hancock
Monday November 2nd 2020

The Beginning is Nigh


As Publisher of and a weekday talk show host I can assure you that I'm aware of what wicked this way comes. But what if there is something so overwhelming and malevolent that even the most enlightened culture evaporates? Just how deep into the darkness am I to look and conjure up from the depths the possibilities of my imagination?

Freedom's Phoenix doesn't spare the readers and subscribers the ugliness in the world, the arguments from all sides of issues, the perspectives of those not widely agreed with. While we may make an effort to be cordial, we certainly don't hide our advocacies. And political correctness to us means we understand what the heck you are supporting and why.

Election cycles are milestones, markers in time. But compared to natural and many man-made disasters they are Historical Markers on the side of a small State Highway marking an event of regional significance
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