The Bastards Are Starting to Turn Off the COVID-19 Fearmongering…

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Next year will still require caution, but fear of Covid won't dominate life after the winter recedes. Prevalence will decline sharply in the spring and summer. The virus may re-emerge in the fall, but it can be a manageable threat with the right precautions.

That said, relegating the pandemic to 2020 will require some changes. The virus is likely to become endemic, meaning it will continue to circulate but at a much lower level than the epidemic. If we are prudent, next fall could look like an especially virulent flu season in which the vaccines are a poor match. Most of the activities Americans enjoy will resume, though some of them will require precautions.

That starts with changes in the way people go to work. It should be frowned upon to come to work sick and try to "brave out" a cold. Testing for flu and Covid will be widespread with home tests.

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