The Banality of Evil in a Time of Coronavirus

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News Story Source:, by Jacob G. Hornberger
They aren't evil people, Arendt said, just good people who are unwittingly engaged in evil.

You couldn't find a better term to describe American interventionists who support the U.S. government's economic sanctions on Iran, especially given how the coronavirus is ravaging the Iranian people.

Defending the continuation of the sanctions under these dire circumstances, sanctions supporters say that the responsibility for excess deaths arising from the sanctions lies with the Iranian regime, not with the U.S. bureaucrats who are dutifully enforcing the sanctions. As soon as Iranian officials capitulate to the demands of U.S. officials or abdicate in favor of a pro-U.S. puppet regime, sanctions supporters say, the sanctions will be lifted.

I have written about this banality of evil long before the coronavirus crisis. See, for example, my articles "The Banality of Evil" (January 2018) and "America's Banality of Evil" (September 2019). For years, t
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