The AngloZionists are Launching a Strategic PSYOP against China

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News Story Source: via UNZ
But my personal gut feeling is simply that the AngloZionists are freaking out about the "full-spectrum" loss of face they suffered with their massive mishandling (medically and, even more so, politically!) of this pandemic-induced socio-economic crisis and that they now are pointing fingers pretty much at everybody (including each other).

Russia did play a crucial role here, since it was in its informational war against Russia that the leaders of the Empire came up with what I now call the "Skripal rules of evidence" aka "highly likely".  This latest principle being subserviently accepted by all Europeans in the name of "solidarity" (solidarity with what exactly is rarely specified), it was, shall we say, "naively reasonable" that it would work this time around again.  Again, I am personally not so sure about that at all.  Much has changed over the past two years: not only did the Europeans eventually find out how utte
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