The Alternative News Sites, and The National Enquirer, “Scoop” the MSM With a Blockbuster:

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News Story Source: By Phillip F. Nelson
The National Enquirer, ironically, has come a long way from its previous reputation as a purveyor of laughably fake sensationalist news. While this short article offers little in the way of background context and substantive evidence, it correctly cites the source of a widely-based secret "executive action" plan that accomplished an objective that had long been germinating in Lyndon B. Johnson's brain. The missing pieces in the article relate to how he had managed to inculcate the idea into key high-level officials in various government agencies, bureaus and the military-intelligence entities that he would rely upon to execute his plan. The fact that the operation coincided with the very peak of the cold-war with the U.S.S.R. would become the catalyst and "critical mass" that gave the plot life, direction and momentum — uniting the men through a common cause that brought the elements together — should have at least been mentioned within the article.

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