The Allies of Humanity

A very interesting man named Marshall Vian Summers has, for the past quarter century, been given privy to spiritual messages from an advanced alien race.

What these aliens, who he calls the ‘Allies of Humanity’, are telling him is that there are various alien species visiting our world. They see our world as an extremely rich bio-diversified place full of all kinds of resources they desire. Some of these aliens have been been mixing their species with ours in order to forge alliances with us in the future.

The ‘Allies of Humanity’ Summers has said, are here to warn us that we have to be wary of these other species, since they have their own agendas, and if we let them they will in various ways eventually dominate our species and thus take away our freedom. The ‘Allies’ go on to say they these species, although much more technologically superior to us, are not very spiritually evolved since their societies require a great deal of conformity in order to function, hence removing their individuality and thus their own freedoms and expanded consciousnesses.

These aliens see the human state of affairs as dangerous and disorderly, and they believe that it is their duty to interfere with humans and bring us into their fold. The biggest problem with this is, as Summers goes on, that we as a species are not ready for this, and if we do blindly interact with these aliens, we will soon become slaves to them, via depending on their advanced technology. Eventually, like many other planets before us, we will be completely controlled and absorbed into their societies.

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