The Airbnb Hotel Next Door

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
The op-ed below has a dateline of Scottsdale and mirrors my experience in living in a HOA in that city when a de facto hotel began operating in the townhouse next door to ours.  "Hotel" guests with no concern for the community came and went at all hours without regard for neighbors.  One night, someone rang our doorbell hours after we had gone to bed.  It was a pizza delivery guy who had been given the wrong address by some drunk party goers at the hotel.

Longer-term renters also were a problem.  For example, a Phoenix Suns player rented a place a few doors away.  Cops were called to the house a couple of times over fights in the front yard.  The tenant would barbecue in the fireplace in the living room.  He also got a German shepherd and would leave it outside in the summer heat to whine and howl.  Of course, the tenant never picked up the poop in the backyard.  At least the city and HOA could do something about this.

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