The 2020/2021 Ammo Shortage – What’s Behind It? Are Industry Leaders Telling The Truth?

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Opinion Column by Chip Saunders

The 2020/2021 Ammo Shortage

What's Behind It?

Are Industry Leaders Telling The Truth?

So by now, if you are a typical reader of this journal, you are aware of the current panic buying in ammo and guns occurring these days. But for those who are just catching up on current events, lets us briefly recap;….

As a member of "The Gun Culture", I already had a sense 2 years ago that this year's election might not go well for Trump, and that would bode badly for the future of gun rights. Reactively, that would also mean bad things for PRICES of gun stuff, as has occurred repeatedly over the years when future supply and replenishment are threatened by political winds. People panic, demand increases, stock on hand gets bought out, resupply can't keep up, prices elevate, gnashing of teeth and wailing ensues. I wrote an article here on Freedom's Phoenix about it in January of 2019, trying to warn you all.
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