The $16k Jeep Returns!

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Mahindra, the manufacturer of the Roxor – which looks (and is) a lot like the Jeeps you used to be able to buy for about half the cost of the Jeeps Uncle forces you to buy today – is apparently going to resume manufacturing them this coming year.

Earlier this year, Mahindra was forced by court order to stop selling Roxors in the U.S. on account of trademark infringement. FiatChrysler – which owns the Jeep brand – argued that Roxors were essentially knock-offs of the classic CJs Jeep hasn't sold since the 1980s.

Today, Jeep sells the Wrangler  . . . which has a base price of $28,295.

A Roxor stickers for about $16,000  . . . precisely because it is a knock-off the old CJs Jeep hasn't made since the 1980s.

Mahindra's North American CEO, Rick Haas admitted as much, openly. "Everyone understand that our vehicle is a CJ," he said.

By which he was saying that the Roxor is what a Jeep used to be.

Which isn't so much
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