Tesla V3 Supercharging: Why Model S and X Aren't Eligible: Video

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News Story Source: https://insideevs.com, BY STEVEN LOVEDAY
Just the other day, Tesla unveiled its V3 Supercharger. We've published plenty of info on it, but essentially, you're looking at a 250-kW plus charging rate that offers upwards of (if not sometimes exceeding) a 1,000-mile-per-hour charge, at least for a short period of time.

Tesla has said that, at least initially, it's only making these third-gen Superchargers available to Model 3owners. However, all Tesla cars (Tesla Model S and Model X of all "builds" and all "model years") will eventually benefit. What's the rub here? Our good friend Sean Mitchell spells it all out for us, at least based on his research and opinion.

As previously stated, we'd like to point out that Sean has upped his YouTube game for those who can't spend a bunch of time watching videos. He offers a comprehensive and well-researched video description below, in addition to his solid video content.

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