Tesla Gets 40-50% Market Share in Competing EV Categories

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News Story Source: Brian Wang-nextbigfuture
EVs that are over $25k in price. Traditional ICE cars are segmented into various size, truck and price categories. The EV market needs to have category segmentation for meaningful analysis. China had 1.1 million EVs out of 2.75 million that were similar category as Tesla vehicles. Tesla would have 37% of the market for EVs over $25,000 in price and 50% of the market for EVs over $30,000 in price. Tesla has over 60% market share in the US. Tesla could maintain 40-50% market share. Tesla could get this in all segments where they choose to compete. Tesla is or will be choosing to compete in the mid-range and above for sedans, compact, compact SUV, SUV, Trucks, Semi and Vans.

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