Tesla Cybertruck Vs GMC Hummer EV Off-Road Comparison And Review

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News Story Source: https://insideevs.com, By: Steven Loveday
General Motors officially revealed its upcoming GMC Hummer EV last week. It's a highly capable, off-road-ready all-electric pickup truck. In the truck's video premiere, it displayed incredible prowess in extreme conditions. You can tell GM put a lot of thought into the Hummer EV's features, especially related to its capability.

The above makes sense if you think about the fact that people shopping for a Hummer are probably looking for a beastly vehicle that can easily leave the pavement. In addition, with the First Edition's starting price of ~$112,000, GM is targeting the hardcore luxury SUV crowd. If the real Hummer EV can perform like the computer-generated model, it will easily keep up with or even outperform vehicles like the Mercedes G-Class and/or anything produced by Land Rover.

The Tesla Cybertruck isn't cheap, but it's much less expensive than the Hummer EV. Looking at base models, the Cybertruck is priced at about $40,000 to the $80,000 Hummer.
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