Terror-Bombing Syrian Airbase Follows False Flag CW Incident

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Terror-Bombing Syrian Airbase Follows False Flag CW Incident

by Stephen Lendman

In the wake of accusing Syria of using CWs in Douma, Russia's Foreign Ministry called the allegation "fake news," the latest "fabricated information," adding:

"The goal of these false speculations, which are not substantiated by any facts, is to cover up terrorists and irreconcilable radical opposition, which opposes political settlement, and to simultaneously try to justify potential external military strikes."

"It is necessary to once again caution that military intervention under false and fabricated pretexts in Syria, where the Russian servicemen stay at the request of the legitimate government, is absolutely unacceptable and may trigger the gravest consequences."

Head of Russia's reconciliation center in Syria Gen. Yuri Yevtushenko also refuted reports of CWs used in Douma, calling them fake news.

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