Tell Me Again How Satanists Abduct Children?

Trafficking Probe Key to Americans’ Fate in Haiti” by Michelle Faul and Paul Bajak, Huffington Post

Ten Baptists, or people posing as Baptists, were caught trying to smuggle over 30 children out of Haiti with neither documentation nor permission. This sort of thing occurs with alarming regularity in the wake of natural disasters, yet conspiranoids and anti-occult crusaders will not stop harping on the late-’80s case of The Finders, an obscure religious group that was “caught” transporting children of its members. Authorities allegedly found files on the children of non-members, photos of children sacrificing a goat, and other disturbing stuff in a warehouse owned by the group. Though nothing more is known, this has been used as evidence that “Satanic” child trafficking and abuse is widespread.

For some, it must be tempting to think that only those who practice “non-traditional” beliefs could be capable of such monstrosities, but the Haiti case and many others should make it clear that child trafficking is child trafficking – it doesn’t matter what its alleged perpetrators do in their spare time. It is a crime that transcends racial, religious, geographical, and ethnic boundaries. It is a crime that must be stopped, no matter who’s doing it or how.

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