Taking back control one small step at a time

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News Story Source: https://www.sovereignman.com by Simon Black
The psychological toll alone was severe.

Countless families had a husband, father, brother, or son fighting in the war, so people worried about their loved ones' safety on a daily basis.

And just about everyone stressed about the outcome of the war and prayed that the Nazis didn't overwhelm Allied forces.

On top of the mental stress, resources were scarce. Every spare scrap of food, lumber, and metal was shipped off to the troops, and the government started rationing supplies back home.

Meat, milk, butter, sugar, gasoline, etc. were all strictly rationed, and people had to stand in line, tired, stressed, and worried, to receive their weekly allotment.

Bear in mind this was right after the Great Depression; people had spent the last decade barely surviving. Yet when the war broke out, life became even more overwhelming.

But when just about everything seemed out of control, some people started taking matters into their own hands.

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