Taiwan Semiconductors 2 Nanometer Future and Beyond

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News Story Source: https://www.nextbigfuture.com by Brian Wang
2020-2026, Taiwan semiconductor is working specialty on SoC (system on a chip) technology (including new NVM, MEMS, RF, analog) and transistors for 8 – 10 year out horizon.

Beyond the 2nm node, they are working on more advanced 3D transistors, new memory and low-R interconnect.

For 3D IC advanced packaging, TSMC is developing innovations for energy-efficient sub-system integration and scaling to provide further augmentation to CMOS logic applications.

They have an intensified its focus on new specialty technologies such as RF and 3D intelligent sensors targeting 5G and smart IoT applications. They are still working on new materials, processes, devices, nanowires and memories for the long-term, beyond eight to ten years.

Taiwan Semiconductor has over 50% of the semiconductor market and number 2 is Samsung with 18%.

TSMC has a huge potential to capture and drive the smartphone move to 5G.

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